InterbaseRecovery 2.10

Repairs corrupted Interbase and Firebird databases
2.10 (See all)
Scans the Interbase and Firebird databases (.gdb, .ib, .fdb) and recovers the data that's still available. The recovered data is stored in the SQL scripts that are available immediately for restoration. The SQL scripts contain tables and the data stored in those tables.

Recovery for Interbase repairs corrupted Interbase / Firebird databases (.gdb, .ib, .fdb). The recovered data is saved into a set of SQL files to be used for rebuilding Interbase / Firebird database. This can be done manually or using an auto-generated rebuild batch file.

It is strongly recommended to use recovery results with the same Interbase / Firebird version as one the corrupted file has been created with. Importing recovered results into a database of different Interbase / Firebird version may result in losing data or database objects.

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